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Verified Planet in Forbes

May 2, 2019

Forbes wrote about the amazing story behind Verified Planet.

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Verified Planet in the Radio

March 1, 2020

Chen Sarfati Halabi (CEO) was interviewed for Yael Dan’s Israeli popular radio broadcast in "Galatz" about our personal IVF mixup family story. We spoke about the amazing numbers behind the report made by HFEA - (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority). This report claim that 1% from the fertility cycles in UK between 2010-2012 experience IVF Lab Mix-up.

This interview was one of our fights agains IVF errors worldwide, and how our patented technology in Verified Planet  is going to reduce the numbers of errors dramatically.


Verified Planet passed toxicity test using mice embryos:


January 10, 2020

Verified Planet successfuly pass MEA (Mice Embryos Assay) and HSSA (Human Sperm Survival Assays) in Embryotech lab facilities in Boston, USA with amazing results:

96.8% from the tested mice embryos successfully developed and survived while using our device. (The minimum success rate to pass according to FDA requirements is 80%).

What does this mean ?

This means that now we have a proven clinical data that Verified Planet's  technology is non toxic and safe for human embryos & sperm, so we are now ready to start our pilot with human embryos in real IVF clinics.


Verified Planet is certified for ISO 13485

December 20, 2019

Verified Planet is now certified for ISO 13485 for:

“Development, manufacturing and sales of systems for the documentation, workflow control and security of biological samples".

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