Verified Planet is leading the risk assessment of the laboratory market by ensuring lab samples aren’t just safe, but also secure.


Every year millions of couples around the world becoming a family after delivering their own child using IVF proceedures.

Safety in the IVF world is at our top priority.

1 in every 100 families during fertility treatments will experience lab mix-up.

Verified Planet is proud to bring the most secured, automated technology into the IVF world.

Our technology reduce the number of mixup incidense, improve safety, improve efficiency, and increase pragnany success rates.

Rethinking samples security

Verified planet believe that safety and security for gamets during the IVF proceedure should be at the top priority.

This is why we develop the most secured technology for tracking and witnessing IVF process. 

IVF Technology

Verified Pragnancy

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Verified Pipetting Samples

Verified Samples

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Control Lab process

Controled Lab process

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Private & Personalize care

Private & Personalize care

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Verified Microscope results

Easy to use

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More accurate diagnosis

Improving Success rates

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Our Products

 We are proud to put our stamp of approval on every one of our product solutions, and are sure that you will be satisfied with the results. 

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, and have been the manufacturing industry since 2017. We are working with the most experienced global clinics, laboratories, and partners in the medical industry and have an immense amount of knowledge as a Medical Devices Manufacturer & Digital Health. Our products are based on patent invention suitable for many local and global clinics & laboratories, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.


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Our products are designed for improving lab safety and prevent human errors

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


Verified Planet belive in healthy communication between the lab and the patient.

While Lab worker is very busy, Verified Planet's technology is able to simply communicate between patient and embryologist, and becoming more involved in the IVF process.


All our products are protected by patent invention. We are proud for bringing a new game changer solution to the market

Pipetting Samples
Electronic Circuit


We are working with the most experienced engineers from the bio-technology and semiconductor industry


Verified Planet's innovative technology is using advanced AI algorithm to increase lab performance and imrove pragnancy success rates